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Zeitschrift für Ernährung und Lebensmittelwissenschaften
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Cocoa products: A source of health and wellness during Covid-19 pandemic

Suzana C. S. Lannes

Cocoa can be nominated as functional food, due to its several nutritional properties. Chocolate is a product still unknown to many of its properties, and that has been widely consumed and studied, not only by their sensory characteristics, but also by the possible health benefits. Also, chocolate is a very good delivery mechanism for functional ingredients. In view of the capability of polysaccharides and chocolate as therapeutic and functional food has been proposed to develop chocolate products added with many functional ingredients, as vitamins and minerals, and containing naturally antioxidants, adequate to help immune system against Covid-19. The processing under 90°C collaborate to preserve the functional properties of the developed products. Products as dark and milk chocolate, fillings for chocolate products, chocolate spreads, powder chocolates can be developed producing functional cocoa and chocolate products. In general, the produced cocoa products need show good stability and added nutritional and sensory values and, as fat-based formulations, the application of liposoluble vitamins can be related to the demand for healthier foods.