Ernährung von Müttern und Kindern

Ernährung von Müttern und Kindern
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ISSN: 2472-1182


"Effectiveness of Nutritional Supplement in Growth and Development of Children aged 2-12 years "

Chetan Mehndiratta*, Jasjit Singh Bhasin, Vaman Khadilkar, IPS Kochar, Uday Pai, Guatam Mittal, Prashant Sanskar and Tanmay Agrawal.

Objective: Post marketing study to determine the effect of 6 months consumption of nutritional supplement on growth and development of children aged 2-12 years.

Background: Young children in India suffer from some of the highest levels of stunting, underweight, and wasting observed in any country in the world. The levels of over-nutrition are also on a rise. Prevention of child malnutrition require diets providing adequate energy and essential nutrients to promote catch-up growth, strengthen resistance to infection, and support normal mental, physical and metabolic development.

Methods: This is an observational randomized controlled arm study, where anoral nutritional supplement is given to 776 children, aged 2-12 years, for 6 months along with normal diet. Anthropometric parameters (height, weight and BMI) are assessed at baseline, 3 and 6 months. The z score for height, weight and BMI is used to analyse the results using Khadilkar growth chart 2009.

Results: A total of 707 subjects are included in the analysis. Each child is grouped according to age bracket (2-3yrs; 4-6yrs; 7-9yrs; 10-12yrs). After consumption of nutritional supplement for 6 months, z-scores for height, weight and BMI shown improvement in almost all age groups, compared to baseline. The improvement is significant in weight and BMI z-score. The standard deviation scores from expected increase in mean of weight, height and BMI is well within the permissible range. No adverse event is observed.

Conclusion: This study showed that 6 months intake of nutritional supplement by children provided a significant improvement in anthropometric parameters, with no adverse event.