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Vegetable Grafting-A New Tool for Mitigating Abiotic Stress in Vegetable Crops

Syam Sundar Reddy*, Syed Sadarunnisa, T. Sumathi

Grafting is the joining of two or more plant tissue fragments that are compelled to form a vascular link and develop into a single plant. For thousands of years, fruit trees in particular have been grafted, and more recently, vegetables. Four steps are involved in grafting: Choosing the rootstock and scion species, physically forming the graft union, mending the union, and acclimating the grafted plant. Vegetable grafting is seen as a quick substitute for the traditional breeding strategy for boosting plant resilience to abiotic stress. Watermelon flesh quality is reduced, hardness is raised, shelf life is improved, and field holding skills are improved when grafted onto interspecific hybrid rootstocks. The purpose of rootstock research and tomato grafting is to extend the harvest season.